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Nippon Chemiphar is working to secure a position in the global allergy diagnostics market. Recognizing that, worldwide, there is a growing number of people suffering from allergy-related disease , Nippon Chemiphar has developed a number of diagnostic products that make it possible to quickly identify the causes of a patient’s condition.


DP3000: Device for specific IgE assay


DP3000 will be evoluted from DiaPack2000. The full automatic operation on supply and dispose . The first test takes 12 minutes to complete. Thereafter, 90 tests can be conducted simultaneously and the results produced all in only 39 minutes.

IgE NC: Reagents for allergy diagnosis


It is important for those with allergy-related illnesses that the allergens causing their condition be quickly and accurately identified, so that the appropriate treatment may be given. But no less important is the prevention of the illnesses. IgE NC is a user-friendly, fast-acting diagnostic kit that provides accurate results and reveals total IgE levels and 57 individual allergen reagents.

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