Branded Pharmaceuticals

Daring to Challenge

We are working to develop new breakthrough drugs for patients suffering from diseases for which therapeutic drugs are still insufficient. In order to bring newly found compounds to market as quickly as possible, we are focusing our drug research on discovery and, typically at an early stage, out-licensing development to highly specialized companies at home and abroad through our drug research venture system.

We are tackling drug discovery challenges concentrating on our specialty fields of hyperuricemia and anti-inflammatory drug development.

PPAR Receptor Agonists

We focus on PPAR receptors that relate to life-style diseases, and try to create innovative pharmaceuticals that change therapies. Together with Cerenis Therapeutics, SA, based in Europe and the United States, we are developing some candidate compounds overseas.

News release (August 2005)
Nippon Chemiphar licenses R&D venture to develop PPAR delta agonist-based arteriosclerosis therapies (pdf, 67.7KB)


It appears probable that the level of uric acid in the bloodstream will be found to be a key factor in determining the likely onset of metabolic syndrome. Chemiphar is in the process of developing a new agent for hyperuricemia.


Chemiphar's Soleton Tablet 80 (zaltoprofen), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), reflects our R&D focus on new analgesics.

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