Environment-related Initiatives

In order to help make our society more sustainable, we believe that companies must consider the environmental impact of their business activities.
The Nippon Chemiphar Group conducts its activities in accordance with the basic policies it has formulated, endeavoring to reduce the environmental impact of its business pursuits.

1. Basic Policies

(1) We seek to minimize our footprint in all our business activities, including R&D, manufacturing and sales, by using resources and energy efficiently, minimizing waste, reusing, and recycling.
(2) Our group management system focuses on environmental conservation.
(3) Our corporate transparency benefits from the release of impartial, appropriate information concerning environmental conservation.
(4) We are striving to make our employees eco-conscious and to teach them how to protect the environment.

2. Environment Conservation

We have an Environment Committee to devise, implement, and evaluate environment-related conservation initiatives for the entire Company. We are continuing to carry out initiatives to protect the global environment a companywide theme. We have launched a campaign to conserve electricity, and in-house training to enhance awareness of environment-related activities.

3. CO2 Emissions

In FY2013, we started a five-year project to help ameliorate the adverse effects of global warming by reducing our CO2 emissions by an average of 1% or more relative to our FY2012 figure. During that time, we realized an average annual reduction of 9.6%. We plan to continue these efforts.

※Please refer to the Corporate Report about energy materials for the previous year.

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