Since the sustainable growth of the company depends on the development of all our employees’ abilities, we are fostering an inviting work environment with respect for human rights and a good work–life balance. We offer our staff various training programs.

1. Career Development

We provide employees with training and support systems, tailored to different ages and types of work, in order to expand their capabilities and develop next-generation managers.
Aiming to develop human resources to play an active role on the global stage, we send researchers to university overseas, support employees studying to earn an MBA, and subsidize the TOEIC test.

2. Harassment Prevention and Mental Health

In order to prevent our employees from being perpetrators or victims either within or outside of the Company, all employees learn about sexual, power, and maternity harassment.
Company regulations prohibit sexual harassment and we have a sexual harassment prevention manual.
In addition, we have in place internal and third-party hotlines for preventing and improving responses to various types of harassment.
Finally, we strive to maintain and improve employee mental health by conducting yearly stress checks on all employees, and offering interviews and guidance conducted by physicians to interested parties.

3. Supporting Work–Life Balance

In FY2016, we introduced a system whereby employees can leave work on time, to ensure they have sufficient private time. Then, in FY2017, we started to encourage employees to take the paid time off to which they are entitled. We are continuing to search for ways of reducing and managing overtime, as we raise awareness regarding work styles.
We have a variety of systems that enable all employees to demonstrate their skills and, at the same time, continue working in a comfortable environment. Under a discretionary work system, flextime allows employees to decide for themselves when to start and end their workday.
Our Come Back system enables employees to return to work after a temporary hiatus, due to circumstances such as childcare, nursing care, or a spouse’s company transfer. Moreover, our reemployment system allows senior employees to continue working after retirement.
We have adopted various systems that take into consideration each employee’s personal circumstances and preferences. When we select a work environment for our employees, we ensure that they can make full use of their experience and expertise.
In this connection, in April 2017 we revised our regulations related to childcare and made a portion of childcare leave paid leave, which resulted in an increase in the number of male employees taking childcare leave.

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