Diversity Initiatives

The Nippon Chemiphar Group believes employee diversity in terms of gender, gender orientation, nationality, workstyle and values to be the cornerstone of corporate vitality and growth that leads to the enhancement of corporate value. The Group is striving to create a corporate culture that enlivens the individuality and talents of each employee.

1. Promoting the Participation of Women

We hire women, promote women to management positions, and incorporate a variety of viewpoints and ways of thinking in business management. We will continue to make our workplaces more enjoyable and the work more fulfilling through the presence of hardworking female veteran employees and managers, who serve as role models for ambitious female colleagues.
Our support for participation by female employees involves efforts to raise awareness among all employees. As an example of our approach, we conduct surveys of employee awareness and needs concerning the promotion of active participation by women. Further, through the Company newsletter, we inform staff about topics related to work–life balance; roundtable discussions held by female employees raising children; and the activities of men who have taken childcare leave. We also have formulated an action plan, based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, the details and numerical targets of which are given below. We plan to continue our efforts to create an organization that enables female employees and managers to take pride in their work.

2. Employing Diverse Human Resources

In response to the establishment of the Vietnam factory and increased business with companies abroad, we are engaged in recruiting—without regard for nationality or gender—human resources highly specialized in our Group’s strategic areas.
Further, we intend to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities and provide a workplace environment that is comfortable for everyone.

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