Community Participation

As members of local communities and society, we support projects that benefit the communities and society in which our offices are located. Our aim is to grow, while being an integral part of society.

1. Cooperation with Local Communities

Combining regional contribution and environmental promotion, we conduct cleanup activities—around Nippon Chemiphar’s headquarters and Soka offices, as well as the Tsukuba Factory of Nihon Pharmaceutical Industry—and hold blood drives twice each year on an ongoing basis.

2. Volunteer Activities

We have established an internal volunteer leave system that encourages employees to take an active part in volunteer activities, including social welfare initiatives and rescue efforts in
disaster areas.
We support people with disabilities through donations to NPO Hands On Tokyo and an association that supports those with disabilities among other activities.

3. Recycling, Support for Developing Countries

We help developing countries through such activities as collecting pet bottle caps, books and miswritten postcards. In Japan, caps can be collected and sold to recycling companies, while cards can be exchanged through the postal service for money. Group companies have been generating donations in this way since 2011.

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