DP3000 : Device for Allergen-specific IgE measurements.

アレルギー特異IgE測定装置 DiaPack3000

Allergen-specific IgE testing produces the first result in 12 minutes


[Medical device marketing authorization holder license No. 14B3X10009000001]

Use of measurement items Specific IgE,total IgE
Measuring method Enzyme immuno-assay(EIA)
No.of simultaneous measurements Up to 60
The first result out 12 min.
Time between measurements 18 seconds
Capacity 90 tests/39 minutes
Detection method Integrating sphere reflectance(absorbance at 650-670nm)

Analyzer (Body)
Processing/Data Control
The No.of allergen bottles: 60 allergen bottles/rack
Allergen bottle ID Bar–code reading
Sample setting: 5 samples/rack, up to 5 racks (Maximum 25 samples)
Sample ID Bar–code reading
Sample volume[μl / test] Specific IgE: 50/Total IgE: 15
Minimum detectable level 0.35 IU/mL
Adding samples Samples can be added at any time
Adding reactants and reaction tubes They can be added at any time
Starting temperature control Manual and timer
Calibration Every comon reagent lot change
Display unit External PC
Data printing Printer


RS-232C interface. Link to host computer by ID-enabled connection.

Size / Weight

850(W)×665(D)×610(H)mm / 100kg


  1. Time : The 1st result at 12 min, continuous demand-responsive sampling
  2. Functions : automatically supply,disposal of reaction materials
  3. Capacity : 60 allergen bottles

Device Outside

Device Inside

Device inside

Standard Equipment Layout

  • No special water or power supply is required.
  • Size: 850 (W) x 665 (D) x 610 (H) mm
  • Power: AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)

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