Business Philosophy

Nippon Chemiphar celebrates its 70th anniversary.

On June 16, 2020, Nippon Chemiphar celebrated its 70th anniversary. Meanwhile, Group companies Nihon Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. and Safety Research Institute for Chemical Compounds Co., Ltd. will celebrate their 60th and 50th anniversaries, respectively, later in the year. We believe that the longevity of these companies is due to the kindness and support of our shareholders and, for that, we express our sincere gratitude.

In addition to manufacturing and marketing original formulations with distinctive characteristics, Nippon Chemiphar has made generic drugs a pillar of its business since 2000. The Group has made every effort to supply, safely and conveniently, generic drugs by having the in-house facilities to systematically develop, manufacture, and market them.

Focused primarily on core fields related to hyperuricemia and pain, Nippon Chemiphar is aggressively pursuing drug discovery themes and drug repositioning efforts, with the goal of developing groundbreaking new drugs in response to unmet medical needs.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Nippon Chemiphar Group is to make a difference in society by providing pharmaceutical drugs and health-related services to help people become and remain healthy.

Nippon Chemiphar’s Three Plus 1 Principal Goals

Since 2000, Nippon Chemiphar has promoted a basic management strategy based on three goals: establishing a strong presence in the generics business; becoming a leader in the treatment of hyperuricemia, with a focus on Uralyt; and pursuing in-house drug discovery and development.

As initiatives designed to attain these three goals, first, we are currently striving to increase our earnings capacity by the generic drugs business. In addition, we are conducting clinical research and pursuing educational activities to become a frontrunner in hyperuricemia treatment, which we hope to make a core business following the generics business.

Further, for in-house drug discovery and development, we are conducting medium- to long-term initiatives, so that we might find revolutionary candidate compounds.

By simultaneously pursuing the above initiatives, we believe the Company can achieve sustainable growth.

To this end, we intend to strengthen our overseas initiatives with a focus on Asia, so that we can improve the results even in those areas where achievements have already been attained.

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