President's Message

The year 2020 is a year of milestones for the Nippon Chemiphar Group, and it brings me great joy that, thanks to support from all of our stakeholders, we have been able to reach this point.

Since 2000, the Group had been developing its businesses with a management strategy based on three goals: to establish a strong presence in the generics business; to become a leader in the treatment of hyperuricemia, while focusing on Uralyt; and to pursue in-house drug discovery and development.

However, in response to changes in Japan’s pharmaceutical industry, since 2015 the Group has included an additional goal we refer to as Plus 1, namely, the strengthening of its expansion into overseas markets.

The Company has already responded to environmental changes in Japan’s generic drugs market by launching efforts to reform its business structure, including the construction of a factory in Vietnam. Over the past few years, the Company has achieved concrete progresses in the hyperuricemia market and the area of inhouse drug discovery.

We intend to expand our businesses and improve profitability, while producing innovations to support our three goals through capital and business alliances with AI-based drug discovery ventures, and partnerships with enterprises conducting drug discovery related to anticancer medications.

Over the coming years, the Nippon Chemiphar Group will strive to contribute more to society and achieve sustainable growth in corporate value, as it conducts a two-way dialogue to enrich the mutual understanding with its many stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, shareholders, investors, members of local communities, and employees.

I humbly request your continued support.

Kazushiro Yamaguchi
Kazushiro Yamaguchi

  • Hyperuricemia is a clinical condition in which the uric acid level in 1 deciliter of blood serum is over 7.0 milligrams. Without treatment, it may lead to gout, which causes severe pain, usually in the toe. In addition, hyperuricemia may lead to kidney impairment and urinary calculus, as well as hardened arteries, a condition related to cardiac infarction and stroke.
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