Business Philosophy

Fulfilling our goals will contribute to society

Nippon Chemiphar—established in 1950—has concentrated its resources on generics business since 2000, in addition to the manufacture and marketing of original formulations with distinctive characteristics. As a manufacturer of both new and generic drugs, we are one of the few pharmaceutical companies in Japan to cover the full generic drug value chain, from development through to manufacturing and marketing.

Focused on our specialties of hyperuricemia and pain, Nippon Chemiphar is also aggressively pursuing drug discovery themes that have the potential to lead to groundbreaking new drugs in response to unmet medical needs.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Nippon Chemiphar Group is to make a difference in society by providing pharmaceutical drugs and health-related services to help people become and remain healthy.

Nippon Chemiphar’s Three Plus 1 Principal Goals

We believe that by accomplishing the three principal goals we have set, the contribution we make to society will lead to further growth for the Company. To make that growth sustainable, we are expanding our business internationally.

Goal 1 : Secure our presence in the generics business
Goal 2 : Achieve a stronger position in the hyperuricemia market, focused on Uralyt
Goal 3 : Contribute to society through proprietary developments toward drug discovery
Plus 1 : Apply our three goals to overseas markets centered on Asia
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