Business Operations

Pharmaceuticals Business

i) Generic Drugs

We deliver economical, high-value-added generic drugs underpinned by reliable information provision capabilities.

To lessen the burden on patients and improve the financial administration of the nation’s health insurance system, the Japanese government is promoting the use of generic drugs.To this end, a new utilization objective has been set that would raise the share of prescriptions for generic drugs to 80% or above no later than the end of September 2020. The Nippon Chemiphar Group thus is applying its integrated capabilities to the development, manufacture and marketing of new drugs and generics. Since, ultimately, we are pursuing the development of those generics that reflect the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, our track record includes the introduction of such innovations as press-through package sheets and tablet printing.

ii) Proprietary Products and Drug Discovery

We aim to add fresh dimensions to our distinctive proprietary products, and develop groundbreaking new drugs.

As a manufacturer of new drugs, Nippon Chemiphar strives to develop products with distinctive features. At present, we have three proprietary products: alkalization therapeutic drug Uralyt-U, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug Soleton, as well as hypertension therapeutic drug Calvan. Although all three have been on the market for a long time, we are pursuing clinical research aimed at opening up potential in new therapeutic fields.
We are also aggressively pursuing drug discovery themes that have the potential to lead to groundbreaking new drugs focused on our specialties of hyperuricemia and pain.

Diagnostics Business

From treatment to prevention.

The Group develops and markets clinical laboratory equipment and reagents that meet the needs of patients and medical professionals, indicating our support for medical care.
With the number of patients suffering from allergies and lifestyle-related diseases continuing to grow, the early devising of diagnostic and treatment plans is essential. To this end, the rapid availability of test reports, facilitated by the Group’s products, is a major contributor to the swift assessment of test results.
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Healthcare Business

Expanding benefits.

The Nippon Chemiphar Group handles a diverse array of healthcare products, including various types of creams classified as quasi-drugs, nutrients, health foods and cosmetics. Amid the rising needs surrounding consumer self-medication, we are leveraging trustworthiness and the development expertise we have gained as a pharmaceutical product manufacturer to make a difference in people’s lives and provide a high level of value added.

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